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Eyelash Extension Services

Each eyelash extension service includes a thorough consultation. Every guest has a different amount of natural eyelashes, eyelash strength, eye shapes, an eyelids. This makes styling each guest very customizable to what suits your natural features along with respecting the integrity of your natural lash strength. We do have a junior stylist available at a small discounted rate. Her timing is a little longer than times listed below. See details on booking site. 


We offer many styles of eyelash extension including:


Classic Eyelash Extensions- One classic eyelash attached to one natural, healthy eyelash.

- Most natural style


Hybrid Eyelash Extensions- A mix of one classic eyelash extension attached to each natural lash as well as a mix of 4d (4 extensions) light weight fans attached to an individual eyelash.

- When you want your lash line a little darker than a classic look

Volume Eyelash Extensions- This is all 3d- 5d ( 3, 4 or 5 extensions) light weight fans attached to each natural, healthy eyelash.

-Leaves the eyelash line nice and dark

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions- This look is all 8d + ( 8 lightwight extensions) attached to one natural eyelash

-This look is for you if you want a very dramatic look with the darkest lash line


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